c Rinke Nuijten - Project M



Project M

Innovative Technology, Unity, Trampoline

Project Description

Project M was the second school game project i worked on with a team. The assignment was to pick a new piece of technology and design and build a game for it. Our pick was a trampoline with a sensor underneath it which measured the distance of the cloth towards the ground. Based on that value we could determine if a player jumped, or was standing. Next item on the list was to determine a target audience, which was chosen quite fast. It became people who were trying to lose weight, and mainly we were targeting mothers who felt too ashamed of going to the gym.

After that we designed our game, it became a mix of mario party with some of our own thoughts and ideas. The main idea was revolving around mini-games where we could let people do alot of different trainings without making it boring to do. Later on we had a working game board, which could hold up to 4 people and could be filled in with AI if you had no one to train with.



Innovative Technology



Fontys University of Applied Science